For every occasion – In every location!

The Consta Systems® exhibition construction and shopfitting system is widely known among professional builders throughout the world. Created in Finland, Consta Systems owes its popularity to 20 years of close cooperation between designers, architects, stand builders and fair organisers throughout Europe.

Using Consta Systems helps to guarantee your company’s success at fairs and exhibitions worldwide. It is not without reason that our slogan for over 20 years has been “Simply the Best!”.

Consta Systems® is a precision engineered system designed by a Contractor for Contractors, incorporating a number of important features.

Profile Shape – The system has been designed on both an aesthetic and practical basis. The smooth rounded edges of the system are not only attractive but when in use are more durable and are manufactured to retain their outstanding appearance throughout their life.

Satin Finish – The aluminium profiles are anodized to a high specification with a satin finish which is hardwaring and requires little maintenance.

Quality Locks – A high quality lock with a plastic seal, ensures speedy construction, is extremely strong and does not mark the profile. The only tool required is a 4 mm allen key.

Wider Channel – The large 8 mm channel takes a wide range of panels and covering materials, without rebating and ensures straight walls over long runs. Designers have far greater flexibility in the choice of wall coverings.

Competitive – The standard 50 mm beam will make a 5 m run, without the need for wider beams, reducing cost and stock requirements.

Product Development – We are continually updating the system to meet the needs of exhibition builders throughout the world. The right to modify the system or alter the material specifications is reserved.

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